Introducing Stirlings Racing Team


We are Stirlings. The leading Dutch brand of lubricants. Since 2017 we have been involved in racing sports but now we are turning the page for a bigger and bolder new chapter. A great opportunity for racing talents.

The concept is simple and straightforward. Stirlings Racing Team is centered around a team of young talents who are backed by racing legends in their fields.
Stirlings Racing Team provides 'Seats and Suits' which enables us to activate racers in various disciplines, competitions and countries across the globe.
Currently we have filled three seats and more will be on our roster shortly. The first two represent the rough discipline that is motorcross. A discipline of endurance and agility. The second seat represents the foundation of racing. An all black go-kart drifting down the wet asphalt of the Benelux. Although the seats vary, there is one thing they have in common. They're all part of the black and white army.
This is not just a racing suit. This is the gateway where boys become men. This is not just a racing suit. This is a ritual that binds individual talents together as a team. This is not just a racing suit. It's a reminder of all who have worn it before us. It's proof of perseverance, a lesson in humility and a newborn friendship with something called adrenaline. This is us. The Stirlings Racing Team.
The team
Stirlings Racing Team carefully selects the world's most talented racers. To realise their full potential we have two true legends in racing on board in the team. Why? Combining Talents with Legends creates a shared experience and insights that inspire and make people grow. Both ways. And one lap at a time.

We are proud to present:
The talents

Jeremy Knuiman

Born: 2002
Drives: KTM 450cc Motorbike

Jeremy Knuiman, the oldest of the two brothers, has quite a track record despite his young age. In 2022, he won the Dutch title 250cc motorcross. This season he started in the 450cc (MX1) class. The first title of the season in. He tookfirst place in the Dirt Bike Beach Race at Tourquet.

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Damien Knuiman

Born: 2006
Drives: KTM 125cc Motorbike

Damien Knuiman has been a succesful crosser from a young age. Het took the Dutch title in the 50cc and 65cc class and second and third place in the 65cc on the European stage. In 2023, he’ll be starting his second season driving a KTM 125cc Motorbike.

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Sacha van 't Pad Bosch

Born: 2010
Drives: Kart

Sacha van ‘t Pad Bosch has an impressive track record. Especially looking at his age. Being one the youngest on the track he manages to keep up with opponents 2 years older. This year he’ll drive the European kart series: IAME Benelux and IAME France.

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Facts & figures
  • Founded in 2017
  • Currently sold in 11 countries worldwide
  • Distribution partners in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa
  • 250 different products for agriculture, automotive, industrial, mining and maritime sectors
  • Opening 20 new countries in the next 3 years