Stirlings Racing presents two new talents during the famous beach race of Le Touquet

During the weekend of February the 4th, Stirlings Racing Team presented two new talents. With contracting Jeremy and Damien Knuiman the team expands to motorcross en significantly increases its reputation in racing. The talents are supported by their father and manager Henk Knuiman and legend Cor Euser. The beach race in Le Touquet is the perfect indicator for the beginning of the season that will start in March 2023. A top classification is not unthinkable.

Jeremy and Damien Knuiman

The Knuiman brothers have, despite their young age, an impressive track record. In 2022, Jeremy won the Dutch title in the 250cc class. This winter he booked a lot of progress physically on his 450cc motor during the French Sand Championship. Transfer to the 450cc class (MX1) is only logical. Brother Damien won quite a few titles: Dutch and vice European champion in different classes. After a unfortunate circumstances — Corona and injuries— he picked up where he left off and finished just off the podium in 125cc class. Both brothers are pumped to start under the flag of Stirlings Racing Team. Jeremy: ‘I’m proud to be starting from the grid in Stirlings’ black and white colours during next season!’

The Knuiman family

Knuiman is a quite a name in motorcross. Way back, Henk sr., grandfather to Jeremy and Damien, was a racer to be reckon with in the 60’s and 70’s. Especially, enduro riding which is very demanding suited him perfectly. Father Henk jr. made its mark during the desert races of Dakar. Despite the physical and mental exhaustion, he managed to finish 17th during his first edition in 1999. Following that edition, he finished another nine times in the Senegalese capital of which two top ten places. Meanwhile the third generation Knuiman, Jeremy and Damien, has established itself firmly in this discipline through excelent results.

Henk Knuiman and Cor Euser

Both talents are supported by team manager Henk Knuiman and racing legend Cor Euser. The last couple of years the Knuiman brothers were part of the MX Rookie Team under the wing of Henk jr.. And successfully. However, the drivers have outgrown their rookie status and have become true talents. Henk expects a lot from the partnership: ‘Both drivers and the team share the same ambitions to become the best in their segment’. Legend Cor Euser plays a vital part being a coach. This Dutch racing icon has experience racing in multiple disciplines, starting in 1045 official races and winning 25 championships.